Top 10 Social Media Tactics Every Business Must Adopt

Know your Fans.  When you post always keep your fans interest in mind. Customize your posts that are best suited to your fans. You may like to post about yourself and your company. Keep this urge to the minimum. Adopt the 80/20 rule. In other words, only 20% of your content should be about yourself or your company. The remaining 80% of the posted content should focus on adding value to your fans. Be selectively active. Be careful of how active you are. Being overactive, that is, posting more than 2 posts a day could annoy your fans driving them away from your page and chances are that your posts could get lost between news feeds. So, if you have an  important message to send across to your fans you might miss out on that opportunity.  Timing is crucial. The timing of your posts is crucial to the success of your post. You need to find through experimentation and analytics the time when your fans are on social media. This will facilitate sharing of your post. Always post when your fans on…

How To Setup An Instagram Account for Business in 5 minutes

One of the hottest social media platforms and a trending super hit with youngsters is Instagram. Apart from appealing to the selfie-crazy crowd, Instagram is rapidly gaining popularity with entrepreneurs and marketers. As compared to Facebook, Instagram marketing could be considered in its infancy stage but holds a huge potential. Facebook and Twitter marketing is increasing becoming saturated making it difficult to reach out to the target audience. With the duo increasingly skewing their search algorithms in favor of paid advertisements, marketers with little to no budget are being forced to opt for other feasible avenues like Instagram.    In this blog, DigiCrawlrZ quickly lists down the steps to set up an Instagram account for business. It’s quick and easy to set up an Instagram Business Profile: Step 1: Download and launch the Instagram app (the Instagram app is available on iOSAndroid and Windows). Once downloaded, open the application. If you already have an Instagram account, …

How to optimize Facebook Graph Search for your Business

The Admin of every page has one lingering question? How do I reach out to my clients who are searching for me. Facebook Graph Search provides one of the many options the social media giant has been rolling out in recent years to improve audience reach.  In this blog we will see how to increase your exposure in Facebook Graph Search.

What is Facebook Graph SearchFacebookGraphSearch allows users to search for specific information about their friends using various filters. Below is a snapshot of it does for you.

Users can search for people who are single and like Cats and are from Chicago, Illinois. For example, friends of friends who like cats, or photos of friends with cats or cat pictures from a certain month or year. How do we begin? In order to improve search visibility of your page some background work must be done as Facebook's own initial search categories are limited to general searches like those you see below.
Facebook gives you some initial search categories or you can se…

5 Social Media Resolutions for 2018

2017 has ended, 2018 has begun. It's the perfect time to evaluate your social media strategy and plan out your strategies for the new year.  Here are 6 Social Media New Year’s Resolutions for 2018.1. Explore the social media landscape
Social media is constantly evolving. Going by the rapid technology advances and the infinite number of Apps being developed one can only imagine about how to upgrade existing social media platforms or switch to newer and better platforms that are emerging replacing older and outdated platforms.  Instagram is rapidly gaining a lot of attention in selfie-crazy India. It's also easy to upload and share your pics without a lot of content. Instagram stories, in particular, have been a hit among the youth.

Facebook's reach is not what it used to be as the social media platform is pushing its paid advertising service. If you have the money, go for it. Facebook's lookalike audience feature is very good at reaching out to your target audience.

Google P…

4 Ways To Be Productive This Christmas

Christmas week is here. It's a busy week for all businesses in Goa. Tourists from all over the world have flocked to this beautiful state to enjoy their year-end holidays. There are lots of weddings, client meetings and family events to attend during this festive season. Time may seem to fly. You may find it difficult to find time to tweet, update your Facebook status or post your latest pic on to Instagram. And when you are any social media platform it easy to get distracted scrolling through endless posts. Have you been at the receiving end with regards to managing time? I have been. To be honest Social Media is time consuming. Time is the biggest investment one makes in a social media business. It is easy to get distracted and waste your time drooling over meaningless posts. It is important to keep a tab on the time spent on social media and how much of it contributes towards work. Using time efficiently is the key for a productive output. Here are 5 points you need to watch o…

How to use YouTube’s comment moderation tools

YouTube is an awesome social media platform to market one's brand. What's also awesome is that it allows engagement by means of liking, sharing and commenting on the video. However, sometimes it becomes necessary to eliminate comments which are inappropriate, offensive or just spam in nature and do not add any value to your video engagement. How do we moderate such comments is what you must be wondering. YouTube's moderation tools now allow to weed out unnecessary and irrelevant comments so that it leaves your followers with engaging comments. Let us go through YouTube's moderation tools. #1: Edit Moderation Settings Comments can be moderated in Community Settings under the Community tab. Applying automated filters and customizing moderation settings can really be handy in keeping out nasty and unwanted comments. Once on the Community Settings page, the following settings can be edited: Approve users: Users can be approved by Channel Admin(s) allowing their comments to …

How Social Media Is Transforming The Way We Communicate

Remember the days when one would wait for the postman to deliver mail to your doorstep. The mail delivery would assume more significance if the letter bore some good news often followed by dramatic emotional outbursts and celebrations. In those days, the telegram was the fastest mode of delivering news, somewhat comparable to today’s speed post. Unfortunately, by the nature of its service, it had earned an ominous reputation of being the bearer of bad news. The advent of computers and World Wide Web eventually led to a gradual demise of the erstwhile telegram. The ‘Internet’ opened up a plethora of opportunities not only for businesses but also for sending personal messages on real time basis.
Ctrl+Alt+Del We start fresh. WhatsAppFacebookTwitterInstagram have taken over the world of communication. Dynamic modes of communication have transformed the way we communicate with our friends, families and colleagues.
Just to illustrate the significance of technology in our lives, here’s a …